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About Us

Save Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as one of the largest Business Correspondent Network in India has established 8500+ Kiosks (Customer Service Point: a kind of Information technology enabled kiosk run by local entrepreneur for facilitating basic banking services) in 24 states of India with an special focus on rural areas. Save Solutions is known for its best services to rural unbanked people considering banking services. This is possible with a well evolved in-house IT architecture with Integrated MIS with usage of quality human resource. This mechanism delivers better fund management systems and smooth operations across country, continuous monitoring along with initial hand holding support with very quick grievances resolution mechanism provides additional strength for catering to the financial inclusion needs of the country. All the Customer Service Points (CSPs) or Kiosk personnel are provided computer trainings, cash management system training to improve client enrolment and service delivery, it improves their incomes and there by improves Save Solutions overall service performance.

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आप सभी CSP को सूचित किया जाता है की जो भी खता खोले सिर्फ और सिर्फ E-KYC के माध्यम से ही खोले नहीं तो अन्य प्रकार से खोले गए खाते अस्वीकार हो जायेंगे।

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Why Us

Wide Range

We are serving accross about the whole country with 8500+ of csp's and  about     14000+ CR. transaction.


We have well trained support executives to serve you a best services and to help you 24*7.

Banking Facilities

We are providing all the banking facilities to ground zero with high quality financial service through trained and dedicated network of motivated csp's accross rual and urban India.


We having currently 34 events like Deposite, Withdrawl, AEPS, RD, STDR, Loan Deposite, PMJJBY, APY, PMSBY etc.

From Our Experties Desk's

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Mr. D S Trivedi

The most fastest growing organization where people love to work. The culture, infrastruccture, employes are really fantastic and its my dream to take retirement from SAVE Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Brij Bihari Singh

A place where you can paint your own canvas and write the future on your own! It’s an organization which gives you many opportunities to excel and also empowers to achieve organisational and personal goals simultaneously.


Mr. Kaushik Kumar Nayan

Life at SAVE has been a joyous journey for me. Work and enjoyment go hand in hand here and I have been fortunate to spend one of the best times with SAVE family in all the development centers.


Mr. Sunil Kumar

Our Customer Says

  • Mr. Ajay Kumar

    Excellent Customer service has always been the hallmark of save solutions. Extremely happy with the professionalism .

  • Mr. vijay Kumar

    Great group of professional people. Extremely helpful customer support to make every process seamless.

  • Mr. Chandan Kumar

    Save Solutions has a very good understanding of the banking correspondence. They value their customers above all.

  • Mrs. Ruchi Kumari

    Save is very good organisation which help the population which mostly not aware from the basic banking facilities through the CSP's.

  • Mrs. Ghazala Praveen

    I am very happy with the services of CSP's it provides us all the basic banking facilities.

  • Mrs. Archana Patel

    I feel very proud to be the part of a big evolution which is introduced by SAVE under govt. Financial Inclusion.

We are Save Solutions

We provide last mile banking services to the unbanked through our extensive and effective Customer Service Points. In last ten years, we have touched the lives of over 10 million customers through over 9500 customer service points across 25 states in India.

Head Office Location

3rd Floor, Apex tower, AP Colony, Gaya - 823001, Bihar


Our Branches

Mumbai | Delhi | Kolkata | Gurgaon | Surat | Vijaywada